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Deliver expert consulting solutions covering the entire systems lifecycle from IT strategy, feasibility study, solution implementation and long-term support.


To consistently implement IT Transformation projects on time, cost effectively and to our clients’ satisfaction globally.



  • Our primary business focus is on providing Project and Organisational Change Management resources and skills for predominantly IT-related transformation projects.
  • Projects can be as diverse as developing bespoke applications, customising existing software or implementing major ERP solutions such as SAP S/4.
  • Expert, outcome-focused consulting is provided during each stage of the project, from initial investigation or business case through to final implementation and acceptance by the client.



Need to get your program back on track?

We have several years of Project Management experience in successful transformation programs, including years of SAP S4 implementation



Over the years, we have developed a simple yet effective methodology to ensure that our projects are well managed and cost effective.

This methodology is easy to understand and apply, is valid for all projects and gives all parties a comprehensive view of the key project metrics.


A structured approach that prioritises the end goals and desired results of a project above all else. It involves clearly defining the objectives and success criteria upfront, and then systematically aligning resources, tasks, and timelines to achieve those outcomes efficiently. This methodology emphasises flexibility and adaptability, allowing us to pivot strategies and tactics as needed to stay on track toward the desired outcomes. By maintaining a laser focus on the end goals, project managers can drive their teams with clarity and purpose, ultimately delivering successful projects that meet or exceed stakeholders' expectations.


A streamlined approach that emphasises clear communication, task prioritisation, and regular progress tracking. This method involves breaking down projects into manageable tasks, assigning responsibilities, and setting realistic timelines. It effectively improves communication channels to ensure everyone is aligned on objectives and expectations. Regular check-ins and progress updates help keep the project on track and allow for quick adjustments if needed. This straightforward methodology enables us to efficiently organise and oversee projects while keeping complexity to a minimum.


The Agile framework, known for its iterative and incremental approach to project management, emphasises collaboration, adaptability, and delivering value to customers quickly and consistently. It involves breaking projects into smaller increments called "sprints," where cross-functional teams work collaboratively to complete specific tasks and deliverables. Regular feedback loops and retrospectives allow for continuous improvement throughout the project lifecycle.



  • Program Project Managers and Program Directors
  • SAP Solution Architects
  • Transformation specialists
  • Change Management consultants
  • Business Intelligence Architects and practitioners

Global implementations in New York, Chicago, Toronto, Germany, India, Hong Kong, Dubai, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa

Business solutions that help you get there.



Program director

Cary is an experienced SAP Programme and Project Manager with many years of experience in the IT industry, successfully managing many projects, ranging from bespoke development to transformation programs and implementation of fully integrated business solutions.

His approach has always been to initially establish a partnership mentality, by obtaining strategic ownership and direction from the executive leadership, and then getting that final investment of the best people to drive the future solution. The steps are basically establish key stakeholders, project scope, understand the business requirements, design optimised business processes, and then transform the organisation and deliver the end-to-end solution against agreed schedule and budget.

People management is his natural strength, allowing him to identify the team’s skills and talents, aligning them to the appropriate project roles, and thereby leveraging their best. The ability to allocate the correct talent and maintaining the energy and direction of the projects is a key factor to Cary’s success.


Program Manager

Heinrich epitomizes excellence in both IT and business realms, making him an invaluable addition to any team or project. With a vast reservoir of knowledge spanning IT and business domains, Heinrich adeptly crafts solutions that are not only technically robust but also precisely tailored to meet the strategic objectives of the business. His meticulous attention to detail, coupled with exceptional communication skills, enables seamless collaboration with both technical experts and stakeholders, ensuring alignment and clarity throughout the project lifecycle.

As a project manager and architect, Heinrich consistently demonstrates sound judgment and foresight, guiding initiatives towards successful outcomes. Beyond his professional expertise, Heinrich’s infectious positivity and enthusiasm infuse energy into every endeavor, fostering a collaborative and enjoyable work environment. Highly respected and admired by peers, Heinrich’s congenial nature and unwavering dedication make him a cherished asset in any professional setting.

Debra Etheridge

Senior Partner

Experienced SAP Project Manager in large scale transformation programs, with a focus on data and deployment approaches.

Debra has 20 years of project experience covering both customer and vendor perspectives, knowledge of project governance, and managed co-ordination of program activities across groups of teams. I work and communicate at both executive and working levels in an organisation.

She has been part of successful national and global deployments, ensuring readiness of both business and program teams across multiple maturity levels. I also have significant experience in establishing post implementation support models.

In recent years she has worked with quality assurance and governance teams, and also gained an understanding of tendering processes with the Australian Defence Force. My work experience coupled with both CPA and Master of Practising Accounting qualifications allow for a solid understanding of fundamental business strategy and process improvement.


Completed Projects
Worldwide Clients
Million in Growth


see our feedback

Cary is a magnanimous leader who honours us with his enthusiastic leadership, transparent directness and authentic self. He has taken on a fleet of ships and somehow got them all safely to shore through many squalls, a few tsunamis and a cyclone or two. Always with energy, open communication and a smile :-). This huge project has ended up a roaring success thanks to Cary being at the helm. His dedication, tenacity and strong leadership of multiple stakeholders and teams is laudable!

Cary has created a rapport with many individuals within a massive project, no small feat! This empathy and interest is evident when he asks for a final warrior cry - everyone steps up and delivers. He recognises superhuman effort, keeps a direct line of communication to all project members, and shares his vision at every step.

This unique style enables all teams to sail in the same direction and maximise efforts to a unified goal - ensuring the best possible outcome. Now proven with multiple successful rollouts.

It has been a delightful surprise working with you Cary. Your mentorship is a great example of what I hope to reflect myself. Thanks for being such a wonderful example of a great leader!

All the best in all your future endeavours! Liezl
Liezl James
Business Transformation (SAP specialty)
Heinrich was appointed as integration manager across a multi functional project. He has delivered excelent work to date and have shown me what it actually means to be an Integration Manager. His ability to trancend form IT 'talk' to business langauge makes him excelent conduit between implementer and user.
Rudi Van Schoor
Pan-European Supply Chain Leader @ Yum!
Cary is an outstanding project manager who delivered 2 large programs (ERP, CRM & POS) during his time at Officeworks. While Cary's ability to deliver is first rate the way he goes about it is what really makes him a great project manager. Cary's calm and considered approach was appreciated by management and team members alike, but he could really turn up the heat when required. I hope we will continue to work together in the future.
Brett Proposch
General Manager Technology
Cary possesses excellent leadership and resource management skills. While working with him on a complex SAP implementation project, I found him to be incredibly focused, driven and relentless in developing innovative, quality solutions, all within the (changing) parameters set by his clients. He brings to the table not only a deep knowledge of the IT industry, but also incredibly deft people management skills at all levels. He inspires confidence. He is an awesome force (with a great sense of humor), and, simply put, he gets the job done.
Audrey Todd Heilprin
Senior Counsel at Fortinet


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