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distinct deliverables required

provide expert guidance and support to organizations, ensuring efficient planning, execution, and successful completion of projects.

We can assist with short-term quick help consulting to get you back on track

Deb Etheridge

Data & Deployment Specialist 

  • Data Leadership
  • Turn key data execution including extraction, transformation, and loading of data
  • Data Strategy 
  • Deployment strategy 
  • Deployment Management
  • Go Live Strategies
  • Cut Over Planning
  • Project Reviews
  • Project Start-ups:
    • Project Charters
    • Project Management Plans
  • Project Planning
  • Methodology Guidance
  • Process Design & Approach Methods
  • Test Strategies & Approaches
  • Change Management Strategies
  • Go/No Go Strategies & Checklists 

Cary Farmer

Heinrich Pool

General Program Management Leadership & Advice 


It’s critical that data is correct. Today’s integrated systems don’t operate effectively with poor data. 

About Us

Deliver expert consulting solutions covering the entire systems lifecycle from IT strategy, feasibility study, solution implementation and long-term support.

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